Zack Yourd, Pro Model, v4 – Brown Brew, Limited Edition


Model PRO Différent, Unique et Limitée

Different, Unique and Limited PRO Model

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Standard Format, Limited Edition — Zack video below…

Savor this dama and brew up some new combos.

The Zack Yourd Pro Model features:

  • Beech wood Ken and Sassafras Tama construction
  • Kaizen handle shape with traditional style assembly
  • Brown tama coated with silk translucent paint.
  • Tea leaves, coffee beans & hops engraved into each of the cups.
  • Zack Yourd signature and artwork burned into the handle

Each Pro Model includes replacement string and bead, instructional guide, and stickers.

*Packaged in Original black Pro Model Kendama USA retail box

A Special Note From Zack:

“Brew: To make (a beverage) by boiling, steeping, or mixing various ingredients.

I designed this kendama around brewing, because it is something that coincides with my lifestyle and something I find pure joy and satisfaction doing. Within the world of brewing, there are three realms, each of which I incorporate into my everyday life at specific times.  Coffee in the morning for that earthy, caffeine roast.  Tea mid-day for the life-boosting energy, and an Ale in the evening for a balanced, hoppy relaxer.  Within this Kendama I have represented each of these realms into their own cup with their respective key ingredient that individualizes them. To accompany, I opted with a translucent frothy amber paint that shows the true grain of the Sassafras wood tama. In complete, I present to you, the “BREW-DAMA”


Format Standard certifié

Édition Limitée, Ken en bois de hêtre, Tama  en bois de Sassafras avec fini Super Grip transparent

Inclus dans l’emballage:
– Autocollants
– Guide de poche
– Corde et bille de rechange

* Emballé dans la boite noir Original, Pro Model de Kendama USA

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Type de ken / Ken type