THE PILL – Natural Zebrano

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This special run of Pills were designed with the player in mind. From their eye-catching woodgrain to their playability and feel, these Pills are truly something special. We selected these wood species for their varied aesthetic, density, and feel. Zebrano is a porous wood species with a light brown color.  Dark pinstripes run vertically down the tama for a visually striking effect.  Zebrano is not as dense as some of the other Exotic Woods. It will dent under impact and break in nicely for stall tricks.
 THE PILL is a Canadian invention that has been steadily growing in popularity. Since first inventing the toy, they have worked hard to hone the design for maximum playability. If you enjoy satisfying spikes, endless spacewalk lines, tricky balances and creative tricks, then the pill is just what you’ve been craving.Each Pill comes with a reusable stand inside the packaging, and includes a spare string with a bead and stickers. 

THE PILL est un jouet inventé par un Canadien et qui n’a cessé de croître en popularité. Depuis la première version, ils ont travaillé dur pour parfaire la conception pour une jouabilité maximale. Si vous aimez les “spike” satisfaisants, les trucs d’équilibre difficiles et astuces créatives, alors THE PILL est ce que vous recherchez.

Chaque PILL est livré avec un support réutilisable à l’intérieur de l’emballage, et comprend une corde de rechange avec bille et des autocollants.

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