Canadian Alex Smith, Pro Model, v4 – Limited Edition – Maple Wood / Érable


Model PRO Différent, Unique et Limitée

Different, Unique and Limited PRO Model

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Standard Format, Limited Edition — Alex video below…

The Alex Smith Pro Model made from maple wood features a maze design on the ken and the tama has been painted with the Pro SG paint.  Paying homage to his native country Alex has also added a canadian maple leave print on the top of the tama.  Leave your friends in a daze with this Red Maple Maze! 

 The Alex Smith Pro Model features:

– Maple wood construction
– Kaizen handle shape with traditional style assembly

– Red tama coated with Pro-SG paint
– Canadian maple leaf print on top of the tama
– 360° maze design around handle
– Alex Smith signature and artwork burned into the handle

A portion of the profit will go to Alex, Proud Pro Canadian Player 

Included in package:
– Stickers
– Pocket guide
– Spare string and bead

*Packaged in Original black Pro Model Kendama USA retail box

A Special Note From Alex:

“This kendama is all about where I’m from. I’ve experimented with making kendamas out of countless wood species, and Maple has always been a favourite: it works in with a superior feel, while also being very durable (not to mention it is a Canadian classic!). The first kendama I ever owned had a red tama, so I’m paying tribute to that, and rocking the Canadian colours at the same time. The small white maple leaf near the tama string-hole works as a visual cue while playing. And of course I had to have the Kendama Edmonton logo burned into the handle above my name – I couldn’t be more proud to come from such an awesome crew of kendama players! The 360º engraving in the handle is a design I came up with while doodling on a Pill in Japan last summer. I later woodburned this design into an Ozora handle, and then decided to try it on my pro model. It turned out amazing, and the texture provides some added grip while playing! I hope you’ll love this new pro model as much as I do.”

Format Standard certifié
Édition Limitée, bois d’ érable, Tama Super Grip (Balle identique à la série Pro-SG)
Une partie des profits ira à Alex, Fier joueur Pro & Canadien

Inclus dans l’emballage:
– Autocollants
– Guide de poche
– Corde et bille de rechange

* Emballé dans la boite noir Original, Pro Model de Kendama USA

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Type de ken / Ken type