It is said that there are few million
Kendama enthusiast in Japan only.
For it’s practicality of being able to
use anywhere, warm wood texture,
diversity as a sports, or to improve
concentration, Kendama has been
widely used for many reasons through
the ages (over 100 years ago). We can find
Kendama almost anywhere in Japan; elementary
schools, educational institutes, toy
shops, sports shops, or other types of
retail outlets.

Recently, Kendama has attracted
increased attention from many
countries and has become popular
throughout the world. There are also
Kendama skill contests that are held in
overseas in many countries.

Hand crafted in Japan
Our aim is to make genuine Kendama
utilizing the very best of Japanese skilled

As an official Kendama for skill
competitions, each Kandama is carefully
crafted to be of the very best quality and
accuracy to allow players to get the very
best out of their own skills in performing
as many Waza (techniques) as they can.
To perform tens of thousands of different
Waza, Kendama needs to be of a high

Official Kendama “Ozora” is surprisingly
popular and repeatedly purchased due the
ease of use and optimal balanced achieved
by our special fabrication technique with a
Sakura tama (Cherry wood ball) and a Beech
wood ken (boby).

What is an Official Kendama?
Official competition Kendama is a type of
Kendama which is made to the specific
standards of and approved by Japan
Kendama Association.

With official Kendama, people are able to
take rank qualifying examinations and
allowed to compete in official
competitions. Ozora has been
chosen for many years by Japan Kendama
Association “JKA” as one of the official
manufactures of official kendama.

“Ozora” means “Endless sky” in English.
The Ozora is a brand we launched in hope
to spread kendama culture throughout the

History of Ozora manufacturing:
1973 – Began operations of Ozora Kendama. Manufactured wooden toys and traditional crafts.

1977 – Began producing Official Competition Kendama.

1978 – Received request from Japan Kendama Association Chairman Issei Fuijihara. Became the officially designated Official Kendama factory.

1990 – Certified as “Japan,s number one kendama factory”.
Awarded the Japan Kendama Association Manufactures Cup.

1992 – Built new factory.

2004 – Received new official designated Kendama factory certification from Yoshio Kanai,
chairman of the Japan Kendama Association “JKA”.

2005 – The Japan Kendama Association held the 30th Anniversary of the Japan Kendama Association in Nagai City.
We also held a 30th Anniversary of Kendama production even.

2006 – Awarded the Japan Kendama Association Cup.

2008 – New official kendama “Ozora” is announced.

2009 – Large size Kendama “Taiyou” is announced.

2010 – “Ozora Zodiac Model” is announced.

2011 – “Ozora Galaxy” is announced. Kendama Canada becomes the official Canadian OZORA supplier.

2012 – Built 2nd factory.

2013 – “Ozora Premium” is announced.

2015 – Built 3rd factory and 2nd warehouse.
Certified “The Wonder 500 company” from Ministry Of Economy.
“Ozora Street” is announced.