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Replace your Regular size Kendama string !

Take your Kendama game to the next level with the all new Spinner from Dama Mods. This awesome bead replacement will prevent your string from twisting and improve the overall playability of your Kendama.

This Spinner comes with a premium silk string. This string was spun to reduce elasticity or flex. This reduces slop in your string and gives you more precise control over your play. The silk is a bit thicker than their nylon string, and features super soft finish, ideal for flow and string tricks. 

*The Spinner is not your typical cheap ball bearing. Extremely tight manufacturing tolerances and the use of the highest quality materials, help ensure that the Spinner will deliver on it’s promise of being the ultimate replacement for a bead. 

Remplacez la corde de votre Kendama regulier!
Remplacez-la avec une corde souple qui a les bouts raidis temporairement pour faciliter le passage dans les trous.

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Corde de remplacement / Spare string